Friday, July 17, 2009

Beach in a Bottle

If you have yet to hit the beach this summer, this project is for you. Actually, if you have been to the beach this summer I am going to assume you already miss it, in which case, this project is for you too! As a tribute to summer, we will be making a beach in a bottle.

Just bring your own 16 oz (or less) clear plastic bottle with lid and Hendrix and I will bring the "beach." Please also come dressed for the occasion, wearing your favorite swim attire for this fun-in-the-sun activity.
After creating our mini oceans you are welcome to stay for some outdoor water play. Don't forget your towels and sunscreen, see you there!

WHEN and WHERE: We will meet in the church courtyard, right next to the Primary room at 10 am on Friday, July 24th (see calendar below).

MOO-LAH: The fee for this project will be $3 per bottle/per child.

RSVP: on or before the night of Wednesday the 22nd of July so I can have all the supplies ready for you. To do that you can leave a comment in this post, or email Natalia (see sidebar).

DON'T FORGET: to bring a 16 oz (or less) clear plastic bottle with lid and your swim attire. Also, feel free to bring your own water play paraphernalia, ie: water balloons, wet sponges, etc.

TIP: The wide mouth plastic bottles are easiest to fill. We practiced this activity at home with a Nesquik® milk ready-to-drink bottle and it worked great for popping the seashells right inside—no funnel necessary.
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