Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers Bring May Eggheads?

For the May make we will be bringing a little of the great outdoors inside by making cress seed eggheads.

This little project is one that will really grow with your child (cheesy pun intended). Over a period of a few days our little egghead people will begin to sprout “hair” which you and your child will eventually be able to trim off and eat! Then, after enjoying a peppery tasting salad or egg sandwich, you can use your (now hollow) egg head and start over again!

Where and When: We will meet in the church Primary room at 10am on Thursday, May 14th (see calendar below).
Moo-la: The fee for this make will be $3 per child, which you can bring with you.
RSVP: On or before Tuesday the 12th of May so I can have the supplies ready for you (leave a comment on this post or email me—see sidebar).
ALSO: The $3 fee will allow each child to make at least one eggheads. However, if you bring your own pre-hollowed eggshells, you are welcome to make as many cress seed eggheads as you can fill (while supplies last) at no additional fee.
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