Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers Bring May Eggheads?

For the May make we will be bringing a little of the great outdoors inside by making cress seed eggheads.

This little project is one that will really grow with your child (cheesy pun intended). Over a period of a few days our little egghead people will begin to sprout “hair” which you and your child will eventually be able to trim off and eat! Then, after enjoying a peppery tasting salad or egg sandwich, you can use your (now hollow) egg head and start over again!

Where and When: We will meet in the church Primary room at 10am on Thursday, May 14th (see calendar below).
Moo-la: The fee for this make will be $3 per child, which you can bring with you.
RSVP: On or before Tuesday the 12th of May so I can have the supplies ready for you (leave a comment on this post or email me—see sidebar).
ALSO: The $3 fee will allow each child to make at least one eggheads. However, if you bring your own pre-hollowed eggshells, you are welcome to make as many cress seed eggheads as you can fill (while supplies last) at no additional fee.


  1. sounds fun! we'll be there!

  2. Lenne and Cambrie are coming!

  3. Hey, we'll be there. If I wanted to bring my own egg shell, do I literally just save like the halves of an egg that I've used? Is it lame that I can't figure it out? Lol.

  4. Farrah-sorry i wasn't very descriptive with that part. The way I did it was crack open the very top of the egg (the pointy side) with a spoon—i just rotated the egg as I carefully cracked it all the way around. Then I dumped the egg straight into a frying pan for breakfast. If you have some boiled eggs you could just cut the top off with a sharp knife but then you would have to carefully scoop the egg out with a spoon...seems risky to me but supposedly it works! Hope this helps.

  5. Natalia! You are so creative! I am always so jealous, I wish we could come! My kids have school from 8:15 to 11:45 everyday! WE are not putting them in for the summer, so I am looking forward to coming! Thanks! Amber Carlson


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