Saturday, April 25, 2009

Speaking of making...

video by Cassidy Curtis and Raquel Coelho
(spotted on Design Mom)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sugar and Spice to Say the Least!

(face cookie designed by Oliver and his mom)

The April project was definitely the yummiest make to date! Our birthday themed make was put on by Jordan, Cambrie and their birthday girls; Bronwyn and Lenna.

The assignment at hand was to dress up stacks of homemade cookies and cupcakes the girls had supplied. Besides a rainbow-selection of frosting to decorate the homemade pastries, the girls had also brought gumdrops, licorice, lollipops, sprinkles, gummy candies, jelly beans and the list goes on! Sugar and spice say the least!

My favorite part was when we were able to partake in the "fruits of our labor" by eating our delicious creations!

We also made some new friends this month as we had some first time “Make-Monthly-makers” join the party. Thank you to all of those who attended our latest festivity and to those who were unable to be there, we’ll see you next time!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Make Monthly Hit a Growth Spurt!

Our little “Make Monthly” blog is growing up which means in addition to cataloging and informing participants of our once-a-month group make, I’d like this blog to also be a mini resource center for friends to share creative ideas with one another. In order for this to work I need everyone’s help. Please submit (via email) your art, science projects, baking experiments, homemade flannel stories and games, or other relatable subjects with a description and photos if you have them. I will post your submission to the blog for all to partake. (The top post will always feature the current group make info). You will of course be credited for your ideas of genius and you will be helping your fellow make readers/participants—afterall, sharing is caring! Thank you so much in advance, I can’t wait to see what you are creating.

P.S. Did you notice make monthly was featured on the Crafty Crow HERE and HERE?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Egg Shell Art

Today I wanted to share a little egg shell art that we made from, you guessed it, egg shells. I colored the egg shells from the eggs we had for breakfast (dying shells after removing colored both sides of the shell) but if you are planning on coloring eggs for Easter you could of course crunch up those shells for a little artsy fartsy rather than discarding.

I cut out some egg shapes from white cardstock and after painting them with white Elmer’s glue, Hendrix sprinkled and smashed the shells on top. Originally I was going to hang this craft as a display but now I am thinking we should glue them to a folded note card and send them as Easter greeting to the grandparents. What do you think?

(this one has a little feather action too)
Speaking of eggs, if you have yet to decorate yours this year and need something a little more appropriate for the toddler variety you could use a cotton swab as a paint brush by dipping it in a little paint and then applying it to the egg, a cotton ball attached to a clothespin would work too. (via The Toddler's Busy Book). Another idea for little hands might be to use a toothbrush as an embellishing apparatus by tapping a paint-dipped one to the shell of the egg (inspired from this craft).

I also found a lovely natural egg dying technique HERE that all age groups would enjoy.
P.S. I colored the shells above using vinegar and neon food coloring (which I am crazy about) by Betty Crocker.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Egg Molding

Hello makers, Hendrix and I acquired some water balloons and craft thread after a Michaels trip last week. At home we already had some liquid starch and a craft bowl so we decided to mold some colorful eggs as a springtime decoration. This is how we did it:

We cut the craft thread into long strands and then soaked the strands into a craft bowl full of liquid starch. In the meantime we blew up some water balloons.

Next we wrapped the starched thread around the balloons in a crisscrossing pattern covering the balloon. (We used 10 yards per balloon or one whole skein of floss).

After the wrapping of 7 balloons in 7 different spring time colors we* set aside to dry overnight.

The next day, once thoroughly dry, we popped the balloons (Hendrix loved this part). As you can see, the thread kept it’s egg shape.

We then hung up the egg in one of our home entry ways. If the weather permits, this would also make a cute outdoor decoration for Easter Sunday or a springtime party.

*By “we” I mean “me.” I retired Hendrix from this project when he found more interest in swinging the dripping, starched thread in circles overhead…by about the third egg. Therefore, I would say this is a preschooler or older project.

Rainbow art in action

Thank you to those who were able to come to the March Make! Just thought I’d share with you a little snippet of the rainbow colored coffee filters we made.

After creating some butterflies with the dried filters Hendrix and I decided to cut flower shapes to create a spring garland for one of our windows. Would you be willing to share the things you are creating from your child's rainbow art? Send me a pic and I will post it.

By the way, a couple of parents asked me where I had purchased the kids paintbrushes and paint caddy. I got them on sale at one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world; Lakeshore, which is a teacher supply store my mom introduced me to when I was young. Colorado residents are lucky to have a location right in Littleton. You might want to leave your credit cards at home though because it’s not hard to go crazy in a store like this.

One last thing, Hendrix and I have yet to catch a leprechaun but based off of the little green shoeprints we have seen in our home, we suspect they are near. Those of you who made (or are making) a leprechaun trap might be interested, check it out HERE.
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