Monday, April 6, 2009

Rainbow art in action

Thank you to those who were able to come to the March Make! Just thought I’d share with you a little snippet of the rainbow colored coffee filters we made.

After creating some butterflies with the dried filters Hendrix and I decided to cut flower shapes to create a spring garland for one of our windows. Would you be willing to share the things you are creating from your child's rainbow art? Send me a pic and I will post it.

By the way, a couple of parents asked me where I had purchased the kids paintbrushes and paint caddy. I got them on sale at one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world; Lakeshore, which is a teacher supply store my mom introduced me to when I was young. Colorado residents are lucky to have a location right in Littleton. You might want to leave your credit cards at home though because it’s not hard to go crazy in a store like this.

One last thing, Hendrix and I have yet to catch a leprechaun but based off of the little green shoeprints we have seen in our home, we suspect they are near. Those of you who made (or are making) a leprechaun trap might be interested, check it out HERE.


  1. Those are beautiful! What a neat idea! I wish I were creative like you!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Lakeshore to me. I will take you up on your offer soon and we can make a girls' day out of it...if those exist anymore!


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