Saturday, January 30, 2010

Writings on the Wall

Yesterday morning Hendrix woke up and said, “I have a great idea! Let’s wrap ourselves in paper and put paper all over the walls then we can draw on ourselves and everything!”

I wasn’t so sure about the “body wraps.” I envisioned myself imprisoned in a stiff sheet of butcher paper roasting over an indoor campfire, makered-up from head to toe while my kids marched around me sporting loin cloths and tribal body paint. The paper on the wall however, that I was willing to attempt.

So right after breakfast we got out a brown roll of paper and colored chalk to create an imaginary city.

My favorite part is the plethora of fruit falling from the tree in a perfect row (click on photo to enlarge) and the scribbly clouds, I wish they were real

P.S. Since taking these pics, I have made it a goal to have the kids (and myself) dressed before noon.

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