Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snowy Days Ahead

Hi friends, I hope you all had a great holiday and that you are enjoying the New Year so far!

For the January Make I thought we'd celebrate the season by making our own mini snow globes. The fee for this Make will provide your child with all the supplies necessary but if you'd like your scene to contain something other than a snow covered tree and snowman figure OR if you'd like a globe larger than that of a baby jar sized container then feel free to bring your own plastic miniature trinkets and/or larger jar to assemble.
LET'S MEET: In the church primary room on Friday the 22nd of January at 10am
FEES SHMEES: $2 cash per child/per snow globe

RSVP: On or before the night of Wednesday, January 20th. To do this, leave a comment under this post or send me an email (see sidebar). This will ensure their will be enough supplies for everyone attending.

ALSO: This months Make will complete a years worth of Make activities and it will actually be the very last Make! I am so grateful to everyone who has participated and supported the Make group whether it has been through attending the group or simply taking an interest to the things that have been posted here. I will continue to use this blog to share some of the activities and projects my kids and I are doing in our home as well as some other goodies. And, as always, feel free to submit your own kiddie projects or parental goodies, I'd be more than happy to post all about it or provide a link to your blog regarding the details.

Well that about covers it...Happy Making!

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