Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stay at Home Make

We will not be having a make for the month of December so instead I thought I would share a recipe for an easy stay-at-home-make; SNOW ICE CREAM!

This might gross out some of you because it involves eating real fallen snow. If you're like me, however, as long as it's not yellow, I don't do much to stop my kids from a chomping on few flaky handfuls. I learned this recipe from my mom who made it for me a many snowy days when I was a kid.

You will need:
  • fresh, clean snow
  • milk
  • sugar
  • vanilla

I did no measuring but if you want to be precise the internet is full of recipes. I added milk to the snow until it became the consistency of soft seve ice cream then I added sugar and a bit of vanilla...time for a taste might need a little more sugar, milk or's up to you. Enjoy!
P.S. Paula Deen's recipe contains sweetened condensed milk in place of milk and sugar! I haven't tried it yet but I am pretty much game for any recipes involving condensed milk.


  1. I'm glad there is some one else out there who has thesesame childhood memories. My dad was the biggest kid of all of us. He would go set my mom's biggest mixing bowl outside when it snowed and just wait for it to fill up. The condensed milk version is great because it makes it creamier and sweeter without the granuals from white sugar. Corn syrup works good too. Cheers for family traditions!

  2. You could use evaporated milk which isn't sweet and sticky like condensed milk

  3. Thank you for sharing this old time reciepe! My mom had us go out and and get freshly fallen snow when it was really coming down! She didn,t tell us why? But living on aa farm there was lots to find! It brings back memories! Thank you needed to see it on enternet! It was so goood!and it is a Great treat!


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