Friday, September 24, 2010

B is for Buzzing Bee

We made this Bumbling B using:
Chipboard cut from a cereal box stock as letter base
Yellow construction paper and scissors
Glue: stick and hot glue for eyes
Black embossing powder (with embossing ink and heat source) for stripes on bee
Vellum paper for the wings
Googly eyes
Yellow pip cleaner and black felt for the antennae

Bee books we like:
Bee Wigged by Cece Bell is a sweet book about a giant bee that has trouble making friends because; although he is friendly and kind he is, well, a giant bee. One day he thinks his problems may be solved when he finds a wig lying on the street which he is able to use as a disguise to make friends but what happens when the wig falls off during the town parade? You’ll have to read and find out. Cute story about kindness and acceptance.

Another Bee book we love is called The Bee Tree by the wonderful Patricia Polacco. This story is about a young girl who is growing tired of her reading lessons. Her grandfather decides to give her a break while taking her on a bee tree hunt to find the bees honey. The bee chase and the scoring of honey provide the grandfather an opportunity to teach his granddaughter the value of reading as it is also a way to seek adventure and “sweetness.”  My 4 year old is able to appreciate the moral of the story (as well as the length) much more than does my 2 year old so I'd say it's best for ages 4 plus. As for me, I loved each and every illustration as usual with Polacco’s books.

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