Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project A-B-C

About this time last year I decided I wanted to create some type of alphabet art as décor for H’s playroom walls. On other blogs, I had seen parents crafting a “letter of the week” with their children, decorating the letter in a way that relates to the sound the letter makes. I thought decorating individual letters with H while talking about the shape and sound of a letter might be a good way to accomplish my goal and also provide a super simple learning opportunity for H. So that is exactly what we did.

Because I wanted the letters to become permanent fixtures to our walls—or at least at long as they lasted, we spent a good 20 minutes on many of our letters. Typically I would ask H what he could think of that started with the letter of the day and then we would create that thing within the shape of the letter using various supplies we already had at home.

We've spent most of the season outdoors this year and therefore I have unintentionally taken a summer vacation from blogging but since summer is officially over I thought it might be fun to make up for the lack of posting by sharing one of our letters here each day, describing the materials we used to create each letter as well as include a corresponding (choice) book we have checked out from the library.

Please come back each day to meet one of our capital letters.

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  1. This project is great! I am looking forward to your daily posts. :)


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