Monday, September 27, 2010

E is for Expendable Eggshells

We made this Egg-shelled E using:
Chipboard cut from cereal box for letter base
Purple construction paper and scissors
Broken Eggshells
Glue: stick and white Elmer’s for eggshells

An Eggy book we like is:
Egg Drop by Mini Grey. This is a story about an egg that is fascinated with flying but since he doesn’t yet have wings the egg’s endeavor to do so leads to his fatality. Attempts are made to repair the egg but much like Humpty Dumpty, he is unable to be put together again. The poor egg shell has become expendable, there is a bright side however, as you will find out when you read this story. My two year old was crazy about this book and wanted it read over and over.

(More about Project A-B-C)

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