Tuesday, October 5, 2010

M is for Mangy Monster

We made this Mangy Monster using:
Chipboard from a cereal box for letter base
Orange construction paper
Wool Yarn for "fur"
Craft pom poms
Googely eyes
Glue: white Elmer’s for “fur” and hot glue for pom poms and googly eyes

A Monster book we like:
For some reason my kids are obsessed with Halloween—year round, consequently, we end up checking out at least one Halloween book per library visit which also means we read a lot of monster books.

On a recent library trip we came across an adorable non-Halloween Monster book called, Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty. In this story little Jeremy prefers drawing alone in his room rather than playing outside with the neighborhood children. One day Jeremy draws a monster but the monster ends up being extremely demanding and quite rude. Eventually Jeremy decides the monster has worn out his welcome and so he takes him to the public transportation and sends him off for good. While Jeremy is seeing off the monster, the neighborhood children gather around him and asked if he’d like to play, he decides he does. A little reminiscent of Harold and the Purple Crayon and the main character draws his old world. A great, simple and cute read in both the story and illustrations. I highly recommend this one.

(more on Project A-B-C)

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