Sunday, October 3, 2010

K is for Kindly Kisses

We made our Kind Kisses using:
Chipboard cut from a cereal box for letter base
Red construction paper
Glue: Stick
Kiss stamp, embossing stamp pad, pink embossing powder and heat source

Kiss books we like:
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M Leak is a story about little Chester Raccoon, who is nervous about his first day of school and tells his mother that he’d prefer to stay home with her. To comfort him his mother passes down her tradition of “the kissing hand” as she gives his hand a kiss right in the middle of his palm. She explains how with her kiss in his hand, he will be able to have her comfort wherever he goes. This book is definitely saturated with sweetness but my kids really love it and since reading this book we have adapted the kissing hand tradition in our own home.

Audrey Penn has two other kissing related books that make up a series with the first book although there is no requirement to read them all or to read them in order for comprehension. Both books present objectionable change for Chester the raccoon as he becomes a big brother (A Pocket Full of Kisses) and when his family has to move to another forest (A kiss Goodbye). My kids liked these books as well but it may have been partly from the fact that they were familiar with the characters. These last two books are illustrated by Barbara Leonard Gibson.

(more on Project A-B-C)

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