Monday, October 4, 2010

L is for Ligneous Ladder

We made this Ligneous Ladder using:
Chipboard cut from a cereal box for letter base
Scrapbook paper with leaf pattern
Wooden craft sticks for ladder
Green marker to color craft sticks
Glue: stick and hot glue for the ladder

A Ladder book we like:
Okay so this one isn’t about ladders but you’ll find quite a few in the illustrations of this book called Jungle Gym Jitters by Chuck Richards. The mostly monochromatic graphite illustrations are magnificent. The story describes a little boy, Jerry, whose father has a “brain for play” which leads him to convert the kids’ tree house into a giant jungle gym that gets higher and higher by the day. Jerry doesn’t appreciate his father’s creative genius as the elaborate gym gives him the jitters. In the end however, Jerry just might find the courage to brave the sky-high gym to save his sister who is caught in a flaming towering contraption.

I thought the role of father and the role of the son competed a bit too much for lead character in the story  but my kids certainly didn’t seem to mind and the impressive illustrations made up for this minor flaw.

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