Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Y is for Yellow and Yo-Yo

We made this Yo-Yo-ing Y using:
Chipboard cut from a cereal box for letter base
Yellow origami paper
Vintage yo-yo
Glue: stick, hot glue to adhere yo-yo

A Yo-Yo book we like:
OK, this one is not a Yo-Yo book at all but it does feature another classic toy; the wind-up! It's Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. I can't think of a Lionni book we haven't liked but this one might be my favorite by him. The collage-ish art work is perfect for this little story about a mouse who is envious of the life of another mouse in the house who happens to be a wind-up toy. After all, the toy is welcome in the home unlike Alexander. Alexander eventually learns the grass is not always greener as he discovers the toy mouse has been discarded in the trash. Lucky for Alexander (and for the wind-up toy mouse) a magical lizard grants Alexander's selfless wish of bringing the toy to life. The mice become best friends obviously. A very sweet and charming tale every child should hear.

(More on Project ABC)

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